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Version 2.4

β˜… New Map Widget with geocoding and routing

β˜… Text-to-Speech

β˜… Google Sheets and Airtable integration

β˜… Simplified building and publishing iOS app

Download 2.4


  • Image: The QR code of an image can now be decoded or text encoded into a QR code.
  • Android: Added the ability to set an alarm using the setAlarm action.
  • iOS: Simplified building and publishing iOS applications. Access to the iTunes Connect API can be provided to automatically sign an app and upload it to TestFlight.
  • Added Google Sheets integration. Data can be read and written to a Google spreadsheet using a secure connection.
  • Added AirTable integration. Data can be read and written to an AirTable using a secure connection.
  • Firebase: Added authorization for anonymous users. The anonymous user account can then be linked to an email address.
  • Added text-to-speech functionality. The text is spoken using the system engine if the device supports it. Text cannot be written to an audio file.
  • Added new Map widget that supports geocoding and routing.
  • Improved dark mode support in the editor
  • After building the app for the desktop platform, the app folder opens
  • Group: Added Shuffle action for children in a group
  • Group: Added IgnoreInput action to block input for children in a group
  • Widget: Added action to select current table row by index
  • Project: Added action to hide/show element by name
  • Image button: Text can now be placed over an image
  • Widget: Added action to hide/show object content only
  • VarArray: If several fields are selected, the array connected to the table will contain the values ​​of the current row. If one field is selected, the array will be filled with values ​​from the column.
  • VarArray/VarNumber: Added actions to increment and decrement the current index or value
  • Table: Added an action to limit the number of returned rows
  • Widget: Added an action to change the value of a cell in the linked DB table
  • Widget: Added an action to filter the data in the linked table
  • List, Tumbler: Element text can now be set by index
  • VarNumber: When generating a random number, you can set an excluded number to avoid repeated values ​​
  • Table: Added a border for elements Improved rendering of elements for screens with retina support
  • Added a new Json widget
  • VarString: Added an action to remove empty characters at the beginning and end rows
  • Table: Added properties dragged, scrollX, scrollY
  • Page: Now element animation does not stop when switching pages
  • Table: Added the ability to select multiple rows in the table. Selected rows can then be deleted or their values ​​changed in the table.
  • Button, ImageButton: A pressed button can have different text
  • Widget: Added properties to get the coordinates and size of an object relative to the page. x global, y global, width global, height global
  • Widget: Added eventGeometry when object geometry changes
  • Table: Added action buttons for row when swiping left or right. Useful for quickly deleting or marking a line without overloading the interface with unnecessary elements.
  • TextArea: Ability to share text
  • VarString: Improved replacement support in multiline text
  • Table: A set of VarArray values ​​can be used as a filter
  • Text: Added icon support

Bug Fixes

  • List widget: Fixed bug with incorrect font color
  • Actions Editor: Fixed crash when selecting action for a remote object
  • Fixed preview window size for FixedSize value
  • Text field: Fixed bug when textbox doesn't return focus after edit completes
  • Editor: Fixed bug with intermittent crash when deleting a page
  • VarArray: Fixed bug with setting current index
  • Image: Fixed conversion to base64 format
  • Table: Fixed child element interactivity
  • Editor: Fixed user language selection for testing multilingual applications
  • Table: Fixed bug when SVG image is fuzzy
  • Android: Fixed bug with the inability to open sites via the http protocol in Android 11

Version 2.3

Released on January 9, 2022
Download 2.3


  • Added ability to import projects from Figma. The feature is still in beta at this time. If you find a bug during import, notify us.
  • New design and build management system. Support for the old system accessible from the browser will be discontinued within a month.
  • Added multilingual support. Now you can export all the lines encountered in the project to a Google spreadsheet, translate them into the required languages, and add to the project. If the user language is in the table, the interface will be shown in this language. At the same time, the translation can be edited after the app becomes available in App Stores.
  • Added support for RTL interfaces for right-to-left languages and number localization.
  • For Windows and Mac, added the ability to select a user file, image, or video by applying the OpenVideoPicker and OpenImagePicker action.
  • For Windows and Mac, added the ability to transfer a file at startup in the command line (system function β€œOpen with ...”). When the application is launched, the IncomingContent event will be triggered, the file name will be written to the corresponding project property.
  • Text: Added support for UTF-8 encoding when selecting the Share file action for a text widget.
  • Http: Added new actions to make it easier to transfer file attachments in a query.
  • Database: You can now change the table URL with the right click of the mouse in the Database Inspector.
  • Firebase: Added ability to import Firebase node with a single value.
  • Text: Added AES functions to Encrypt/Decrypt text encryption. The AES 256 CBC encryption algorithm is used.
  • String: Added a function to get the hash of a string. Supported algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, and SHA-512.
  • String: Added function to replace text between two strings. String: Added text conversion function in Base64 and Hex.
  • String: Added functions to simplify working with templates for substitution of values. This is useful, for example, to form an HTTP request or Json object.
  • Number: Added a function to generate a random number for a given range.
  • Added the ability to create line breaks and add margins for the replacement template when connecting to a table.
  • Database: Added the ability to export tables to JSON and CSV formats.
  • Page: Added the ability to crop the content to fit the page.
  • Saving a file triggers a β€œFile saved” event and the path to the saved file is saved to the Saved File Path property.
  • Actions Editor: Improved filtering of actions based on the currently selected object in the project tree.
  • Actions Editor: Added new conditional operator β€œnot contains”.
  • Image/Audio/Recording: Added the ability of content conversion in Base64 for images, audio and recordings.
  • Slider/List: Added actions for changing the index; when the maximum value is reached, a transition occurs to the initial value and vice versa.
  • Controls: Added new Segmented Control widget.
  • Audio/Video: Added rewind action actionPosition() for Audio and Video widgets.
  • Audio/Video: Added β€œPlayback State” property returning the following values: -1 - stopped, 0 - paused, 1 - playing
    Audio/Video: Added support for new file types: *.mts, *.rm, *.alac.
  • Editor: Added new types of preview devices.
  • Animation: Added the ability to adjust the animation speed for GIF files.
  • List: Added coefficients to control line and column breaks for the list.
  • Calendar: Added a link between the table and the calendar to highlight booked dates. Also added an option to enable or disable the reselection of booked dates.
  • Calendar: Added new properties: Number of days selected, Timestamp and timestamp converted to GMT time zone.
  • Group: Within a group, you can choose the order in which widgets are rendered, top to bottom or bottom to top.
  • Actions Editor: In the action editor, events are grouped by type for ease of navigation.
  • Database: In the database import form, fixed the crashing triggered by editing of fields and improved the autodetection of the separator.
  • Group: Added vertical and horizontal modes for group resizing: Hug contents - the group will keep the minimum size while enclosing all objects therein. Fixed - the size of the group does not change Scrolled - scrolling will automatically turn on if the object is outside the group.
  • Widget/Group: Added paddings for widgets and groups.
  • Editor: Unused properties are collapsed (hidden) in the style inspector to improve usability.
  • Text: Added automatic size mode for text. The size of the widget will increase or decrease depending on the size of the text.
  • Database: New URL can be transmitted when initiating the Update Database action.
  • Widget/Group: Added new properties in JSON format:
    ⦁ Gets item geometry in format {x, y, width, height}
    ⦁ Gets item position in format {x, y}
    ⦁ Gets item center in format {x, y}
    ⦁ Gets item size in format {width, height}
  • Widget/Group: Added events for the widget drag-and-drop mechanism: eventDrag()/eventDrop()
  • Slider/List: For UI widgets added Next()/Prev() actions to move to the next item in the list or the next value in the slider.
  • Widget/Group: Added eventMouseMoved event, mouse position values are written to the mouseX/mouseY properties.
  • Widget/Group: Added the ability to set the maximum and minimum extension for the widget and the ability to maintain proportions. Also added eventPinch/eventUnpinch events.
  • Improved performance when using rounding and blurring effects.
  • Improved the quality of the blurring effect.
  • Improved performance for widgets that do not use effects such as shadow, blur, mask, or color overlay.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the blocking of user input if widget rounding is requested.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented scrolling of the text.
  • Fixed a bug when the window type, Fullscreen, Maximized or Fixed, is ignored when previewing a project.
  • Fixed a bug where the Animation widget ignores replay if the animation was triggered by an action.
  • Fixed a bug when the calendar forwards the wrong selected date.
  • Fixed a bug where the editor freezes when trying to import a Firebase table if the URL does not exist.
  • Fixed the crashing when importing a table with an erroneous data structure.
  • Fixed the multi-line text import and export error for the database.
  • Fixed the bug that caused incorrect camera rotation for iOS devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the border to be displayed above the content of the widget.
  • Fixed a bug where the current value of the slider depended on the number of lines in the list. Fixed the copying of replacement template for the table when copying a widget.
  • Fixed the bug of importing a button that contains an icon.
  • Fixed web archive error for Android.
  • Fixed bug with importing a JSON that contains the symbol '.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the borders of the widget when margins are enabled.
  • Fixed bug when some SVG files are displayed as black rectangles.
  • Fixed display of fonts when previewing a project on a Mac when a Windows device is selected. Fixed the import of custom fonts for mobile devices.
  • Fixed filtering of tabular data. Fixed getting the recording duration for video and audio.
  • Fixed press and hold event for a button.
  • Fixed a bug when a user language cannot be set while in preview mode.
  • Fixed the crashing when creating a database table for a page.
  • Fixed a bug when the widget, as created, is incorrectly positioned while using anchors.
  • Fixed the size of the rounding radius on various devices.
  • Fixed bugs relate to the Diorama widget.
  • Fixed the app crashing when trying to export an action without a target.

Version 2.2

Released on January 24, 2021
Download 2.2


  • Added parallax animation
  • Replacemant template allows binding multiple database fields to the same widget.
  • Android: targetSdkVersion updated to 29
  • Added new relational operators for Actions Editor: not contains, starts with, not starts with, ends with, not ends with
  • Added Soft static property. This is slower than Static, but saves RAM.
  • Group: Added new Layout - Cycled card
  • Image: Now can display Base64 images. And encode any image to Base64.
  • Project: Added global performance settings force asynchronous, force unstyled, cache images, smooth images, which can be overridden by a widget.
  • Table: scroll to index action now work for all layouts.
  • Table: Added animation of individual items within the table
  • Editor: Added start/stop snapping button
  • Table: Added ScrollStart/ScrollEnd events
  • Table: Many performance optimizations and fixes, especially for the List layout
  • Editor: Widgets connected to database are highlighted in the Navigator
  • Image button: Added filter for icons
  • Database inspector: Displays database cell name associated with the selected widget
  • Unified srollbar is now available for the group, table widget, text widget and listview widget.
  • Project: Status bar can ignore dark mode now
  • Added column sorting in Actions Editor
  • Added Native text rendering option for font to look native on the target platform
  • Form: Fixed paddings and borders
  • Editor: Added Snapshot button to create snapshot of current page
  • Table: Reset scroll for reused instances (for List layout)
  • Scrollbar: Addded auto hide
  • Added multilingual support based on database table marked as translation
  • Image: Added rename image option
  • Table: Added Animation delay property
  • Removed Busy Indicator for Video/Audio widgets
  • Record: Added remove previous record action
  • Record: Added record state event
  • Table: Added deselect on delete property to deselect or not item when it was deleted
  • Table: Added scroll on clear property to automatically scroll to top on clear selection
  • Database import: now you can edit the list of fields
  • Keep all actions when duplicating item
  • Support for negative margins in Style Inspector
  • Added new gradient color animation
  • Add row with data to table
  • Listview: Now it is possible to split any list item into rows or columns using ^^ or || symbols
  • Listview: Added align property
  • String: Added action replace string betwen two strings
  • When widget is transparent, its contents are released.
  • Added retina property (this can be useful for running on old ipads)
  • Added more font properties: maximum line count, auto size, elide, paddings
  • Database import: Added numeric type
  • Added Auto align in Font Inspector to improve multilingual support
  • Editor: Increased min/max values for widget geometry
  • Widget: Added event `Database row added` which is fired when database row is added
  • Widget: Added event `Database changed` which is fired when database is changed
  • Widget: Added action `Set database`
  • Widget: Added action `Recreate database from raw data`
  • Widget: Added action `Update row from raw data`
  • Widget: Added action `Add row from raw data`
  • Group: Added property `child element count` to find out how many child elements a Group element has
  • Group: Added property `disable h scroll` to enable/disable group horizontal scroll
  • Group: Added event `Scroll` which is fired while scrolling
  • Group: Added event `Scroll start` which is fired when start scrolling
  • Group: Added event `Scroll stop` which is fired when stop scrolling
  • Project: Added property `pixel ratio` to get screen's ratio between physical pixels and device-independent pixels
  • Page: Added property `current` to get true if this page is the current; otherwise false
  • Page: Added event `Current` which is fired when current page is changed
  • Page: Added action `Pause all animations`
  • Page: Added action `Resume all animations`
  • Widget or group: Added animated action `Set gradient color`
  • Widget or group: Added animated action `Parallax`
  • Text: Added action `Prepend text` to prepend text to the beginning
  • Text: Added action `Replace text` to replaces every occurrence of the string search with the string replace
  • Listview: Added property `animateHighlight` to animate the highlight item
  • Listview: Added action `Resize model` to change the size of the model
  • Image: Added property `base64 image` to get image converted to base64 string
  • Image: Added property `base64 image data url` to get image converted to base64 string prefixed with the data scheme
  • Text: Added action `Convert to Base64`
  • Text: Added event `Converted base64` which is fired when current image is converted to Base64
  • Http: Added action `Set data`
  • Record: Added property `record state` to get current record state 0 - Recording, 1 - Paused, 2 - Stopped
  • Record: Added event `Record state` which is fired when record state is changed
  • Table: Added event `Scroll` which is fired while scrolling
  • Table: Added event `Scroll start` which is fired when start scrolling
  • Table: Added property `instance count` to set number of instances to be created
  • Table: Added property `template string` to set field names enclosed in %%field_name1%% will be replaced with the corresponding table value
  • String: Added property `translated string` to get translated string
  • String: Added properties `Md5`, `Sha1`, `Sha256`, `Sha512` to get hash of string
  • String: Added action `Replace between text` to replace every occurrence of the string between Begin and End with the string Newstring
  • String: Added action `Calculate hash` to calculate hashes of current string: MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-512. Result will saved into hashMd5, hashSha1, hashSha256, hashSha512 properties and String hashed event will be emitted
  • String: Added event `String hashed` which is fired when start hash ready
  • String: Added event `String replaced` which is fired when string was replaced

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed export of fonts
  • Now all associated actions are displayed for the selected item in Actions Editor
  • Fixed Windows fonts on Mac (for preview project)
  • Fixed: Broken rotation on widget create
  • Fixed: Scrolling in a group resets the scrolling of nested groups
  • Fixed: Can't upload non latin project file to flipabit cloud.
  • Fixed: Can't import Photoshop PSD files
  • Fixed: Crash on adding camera widget on Mac
  • Fixed: Color dialog closes when any key is pressed
  • Fixed: Can't move item after unchek Horizontal/Vertical align in geometry inspector
  • Fixed: Settings are not saved for for Record widget
  • Fixed: Can't save recording file on Android for Record widget
  • Fixed color animation for system colors
  • Fixed: Can't import a table with more than 1000 fields
  • Fixed: Table widget only displays the first 256 lines

Version 2.1

Released on June 10, 2020

β˜… Sign in with Apple

Download 2.1


  • Added sign in with Apple support
  • Improved firebase testing in the editor
  • Added button for clearing local databases


  • Runtime changes in the database table are no longer restored

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed receiving push notifications on iOS
  • Fixed error on iOS: ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage (UIWebView)
  • Fixed QR Code Scanner on Android
  • Fixed AdMob on Android
  • Fixed the crash when running script for Page element
  • Fixed the crash when adding splash screen image
  • Fixed maximize/minimize animation with zero duration

Version 2.0

Released on February 2, 2020

β˜… Actions Based on Conditions

β˜… Firebase Storage

β˜… In-App Purchasing

β˜… Group Layouts

β˜… Font and Color Scheme

β˜… Video and Contact Picker

β˜… PDF Viewer

β˜… Lottie Animation

Download 2.0


  • Added support for conditions in Actions Editor which are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.
  • Adds support for Firebase Storage which enables to upload and store user files to the Cloud
  • Adds support for In-App Purchasing
  • Added translucent background effect
  • Added Group Layouts to position the items: Absolute, List, Grid and Stack
  • Added PDF Viewer
  • Added font schemes that make it easy to change all the fonts in an app
  • Improved Google Maps and Places API integration
  • Adds support for Lottie animation
  • Added Http Widget which enables you to send and receive HTTP requests easily
  • Added primitive objects: String, Number, Date, Boolean, Array. It wraps data type with a number of helper methods.
  • Added Contact picker on iOS and Android
  • Added Video picker on iOS and Android
  • Added Color schemes and support for Dark mode on all platforms
  • Application size on iOS and Android reduced to half
  • Adds support for Deep Linking on iOS and Android
  • Improve offline support by caching images and data locally and serving it immediately when a request for the data is received.
  • Added new layouts for Table Widget: Column, Row, Photo, Text, Chat
  • Added Gradient fill
  • Calendar Widget can be connected to database
  • Added model data for Tumbler and ListView
  • Added subscribeToTopic action, to send a push notification to multiple devices that have opted in to a particular topic.
  • Redesigned Mobile Companion App
  • Editor: Added phone skin for various devices
  • Using default system font for each platform
  • Adds support for image URLs to Image Widget
  • Adds support for inline images to Text Widget
  • Auto resizing the height of an Text Widget based on the length of the content.
  • Added Line count property to Text Widget
  • Added duration, position, positionHour, positionMin, positionSec properties to Audio/Video Widget
  • Added horizontalOffset for shadows
  • Added maximum permitted length of the text to Text Field
  • Exit from the Preview Mode by Esc pressing
  • Added input method hints to Text Field: Text, Numbers, Email, Password, Phone, Date, Time
  • Refactor Image Button, added support for font vector icons
  • Added app state property
  • Improved ScrollToWidgetName algorithm of Group
  • Added user language code property
  • Added current (item in group) property
  • Added created property to determine if visual instance of an item is created or not
  • Added actionSensorsStart and actionSensorsStop to start and stop reading sensor data
  • Added animation to Switch
  • Improved checking and requesting permissions on Android
  • Added events Database query success, Database query error when Firebase Database request has been done
  • Added Update database force action to clear database cache and then update
  • Added Set database url action to change URL of the database
  • Added Set firebase path action to change Firebase Database path like messages/users/user_id
  • Added Set database raw data action to update database with new raw data
  • Added new datetime properties: formatted date YYYY-MM-DD, formatted UTC datetime YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, current day with leading zero (01 to 31), current day of the week (Monday to Sunday), current month (1 to 12), time zone id, e.g. America/Los_Angeles
  • Added os version property to get version of the operating system, like 7.1 (Android Nougat), 10.1 (iOS 10.1), 10.12 (macOS Sierra), 7 SP 1 (Windows 7 Service Pack 1), 10 (Windows 10)
  • Added sensor orientation property, 0 - orientation is unknown, 1 - TopUp, 2 - TopDown, 3 - LeftUp, 4 - RightUp, 5 - FaceUp, 6 - FaceDown
  • Added dark mode property to check if system ui is Dark or Light
  • Added firebaseDeviceToken (FCM Token) which is used to send targeted notifications to any particular instance of your app
  • Added firebaseStorageUrl which is used to get the download URL for an uploaded file
  • Added firebaseStorageError for Firebase Storage uploading error
  • Added Sensor updated, event which is fired when sensor data is obtained
  • Added Incoming contact event which is fired when contact received after Open contact picker action call
  • Added Dark mode event which is fired when system dark mode is changed
  • Added Firebase storage uploaded event which is fired when a file is uploaded on Firebase Storage
  • Added Firebase storage error event which is fired when error occurred while uploading on Firebase Storage
  • Added Open contact picker action to let users choose a phone number from their contact book
  • Added Set dark mode action to manually set color scheme
  • Added Clear cache action to remove all items from the cache
  • Added pressed property that holds whether item is currently pressed. Press changed event when mouse/touch is pressed or released.

Bug Fixes

  • Code editor now support for non-latin symbols
  • Empty cache on start preview
  • Fixed paste text in Editor on Mac
  • Fixed flickering during geometry animations
  • Fixed is tablet detection
  • Fixed rotation of the maximized widget
  • Fixed check for Firebase signed-in user on application start
  • Fixed twice event eventKeyReleased in Editor
  • Fixed reset properties for multiple items in Editor
  • Fixed opening project files from Windows Explorer
  • Fixed scroll actions for Group
  • Fixed import raw data into database

Version 1.9.3

Released on May 31, 2019
Download 1.9.3

Bug Fixes

  • Table widget: Fixed bug when table rows are not loaded when scrolling

Version 1.9.2

Released on May 21, 2019
Download 1.9.2


  • Added synchronization with Firebase Realtime Database
  • Simplified Firebase authorization process
  • Added Google and Facebook sign in
  • Page: Added actions Show/Hide item by name
  • Table widget: Improved scrolling with enabled snap
  • Table widget: Don't emit currentIndexChanged event on clearSelection action
  • Text widget: Emit eventTextChanged on binded db value changed
  • Database: Added actions for complex queries Sql query begin, Sql query field, Sql query end
  • Database: Added dynamic url change

Bug Fixes

  • Editor: Fixed error Unknown Event in some examples
  • Widget: Fixed updating binded db value
  • Table widget: Sometimes the item is not loaded
  • Editor: Added support for non latin symbols in Table widget inspector
  • Table widget: Don't save currentIndex in Editor
  • Table widget: Repaint widget with no connected group on data changed
  • Widget: Fixed wrong order of widgets
  • Table widget: Fixed animated Next/Prev actions
  • Table widget: Fixed item rotation in the Path

Version 1.9.1

Released on April 13, 2019
Download 1.9.1


  • Customizable table item: Get DB value through Widget property in Actions editor
  • Customizable table item: Added getters for DB row connected table value, connected table index, connected table row id
  • Image, Video: Added new property current image and current video
  • Widget: Added new events: on mouse released, on mouse hold and Database row removed
  • Project: Added new actions Go to page by name, Share file
  • Project: Added new property isPortrait in addition to the isLandscape
  • Table: Added new event Clear selection when selection is cleared
  • Table: Added new property has selection that gets true if the list contains any selection, otherwise returns false
  • Table: Added new actions Remove current row and Remove all filtered rows
  • Widget: Added properties to get file name and path of current widget: fileName, fullPath, fileExtension, dirName

Bug Fixes

  • Editor: Fixed style inheritance issue for child widgets of group
  • Editor: Fixed resetting Local and Download on startup properties in Database Inspector
  • Editor: Fixed empty Samples tab
  • Editor: Fixed key focus stealing after entering text in the TextField or TextArea
  • Editor: Fixed Copy/Paste os widget style
  • Editor: Fixed update Connected group list in Table Inspector
  • Table: Clear selection if selected row was deleted
  • Database: Fixed import folders
  • Widget: Fixed Share file for Text and Video
  • Editor: Fixed inactive Paste item in context menu

Version 1.9

Released on March 27, 2019

β˜… iOS Push Notifications

β˜… Sharing files

β˜… Customizable table item

β˜… Download files

β˜… Audio recorder

Download 1.9


  • Mobile: Added Push Notifications for iOS
  • Mobile: Added SMS authorization for iOS
  • Mobile: Pick image from gallery
  • Mobile: Take a photo with a camera app
  • Mobile: Added sharing files. Offer a file to another app and request a file shared by another app using Google Drive or iOS File Manager.
  • Mobile: Clean up unused permissions
  • Project: Added push notification properties push notification title and push notification body and event Push Notification.
  • Project: Added global audio volume property
  • Project: Added date and time properties: date time, timestamp, time string, day, day of week, month, year
  • Project: Added project and screen orientation properties (landscape, screen landscape) and events (Project orientation, Screen orientation)
  • Project: Added keyboard properties released key, hold key, pressed key text and events Key released, Key hold
  • Project: Added device id property
  • Project: Added locale property
  • Project: Added file download support
  • Project: Added actions Open camera picker and Open photo picker
  • Project: Added event Incoming content that's fired when received content or file from other app. File name saved to incoming content property.
  • Project: Redesigned pages controller.
  • Database: Improved support for JSON. Added path to an element (or a set of elements) in a JSON structure: store/book/0
  • Database: Added support for key/value pairs
  • Database: Read folder contents into table
  • Page: Added new event Loaded that's fired when all widgets are loaded
  • Page: Added static property to hold required page in memory, added action Unload page.
  • Widget: Added property notOptimize to disable widget optimization
  • Widget: Added new database properties: last row index, connected table index, connected table row id
  • Widget: Added new database events: Database data changed, Database rows count changed
  • Widget: Added Shadow support for widget and group, with the following settings: color, radius, samples, horizontal offset, vertical offset
  • Widget: Added action Share to open an image or video in another app
  • Widget: Database value can be used in Actions
  • New widget type: Audio Recorder
  • Table: Added autorepaint and auto index properties
  • Table: Added new actions: Next index, Prev index, Clear cache, Repaint table, Scroll to index, Filter data, Filter data custom, SQL filter, Sort data, Clear filters
  • Table: Added Carousel View
  • Table: Fully customizable table item using group with widgets
  • Table: Only changed data is updated, when it possible
  • Controls: Added placeholder text
  • Controls: Added new type Message Box
  • Controls: Added binding to database data
  • Controls: Added text copy support and read only property
  • Web: Added property current url hash
  • Web: Added import local web folder
  • Gallery, Video: Added methods to add and remove items to list: Set image/video, Add image/video, Clear images/videos
  • Calendar: Fully redesigned Calendar widget with ability to select the date interval
  • Editor: Reset button added to Inspector
  • Editor: Fullscreen preview opens with a separate window.
  • Added HTTP request library (similar to SuperAgent):
    • Modern API in comparison to XmlHttpRequest
    • Support for multipart/form uploads
    • Automatic parsing of response bodies with known content-types
    • Built-in persistent cookie jar
    • Promise API
    • Secure connection (SSL/TLS) API
    • Network activity indicator
    • Image utilities
  • Improved performance, memory usage and start-up time
    • Load unpacked project archive
    • Added project file compression
    • Added widget optimization


  • Table: Removed Filed editor.
  • Editor: Page nesting has been removed
  • Calendar: Events has been removed
  • Text: Removed Text style
  • Widget: Actions Set db value by field num/name now using row id instead of row index

Bug Fixes

  • Database: Update Widget when database data is changed
  • Web: Fixed download file
  • Video: Fixed autoplay
  • Widget: Fixed bug with twice event fired when widget is hided
  • Project: Fixed bug when Open project event not fired
  • Page: Fixed bug when Enter event not fired

Version 1.8.2

Released on October 10, 2018
Download 1.8.2

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to open project file after export
  • Fixed selecting Windows video renderer

Version 1.8.1

Released on October 4, 2018
Download 1.8.1


  • Added Swipe Event

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Loading time on Mobile
  • Fixed Pinch and Rotate Gestures

Version 1.8

Released on September 17, 2018

β˜… AdMob

β˜… Firebase

β˜… Push Notifications

Download 1.8


  • Added Firebase
  • Added QR code scanner
  • Added Push Notifications (Android only)
  • Added Android Navigation bar
  • Added event for Android back button
  • Added indication of disabled form elements
  • Added widget convert option
  • Table widget: Support for Firebase Database
  • Component widget: Added new properties and actions
  • Added MouseOut event
  • Table widget: Added support for JSON
  • Group: Added Style (same as for Widget)
  • Group: Added Interactivity (same as for Widget)
  • Group: Added Autoscroll
  • Code Editor: Improved experience
  • Actions Editor: Improved visual appearance of Script code
  • Charts: Added startAngle property
  • Added event on page/widget load
  • Fixed widget minimize on page change
  • Added new ready-to-use templates:
    • AdMob
    • QR Code scanner
    • Firebase Auth Email
    • Firebase Auth SMS
    • Firebase Messaging
    • Firebase Database


  • Updated Sketch plugin (compatible with Sketch 46 up to Sketch 51.2)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed eventClicked for disabled button
  • Text field: Unable to use the Space and Backspace key in the Editor
  • Text field: All the letters are uppercase (Android)
  • Fixed crash when moving Group between pages
  • Removed MouseOver for mobile
  • Fixed flickering when using opacity mask

Version 1.7.2