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A guide to distributing your applications created with Flipabit to the public via the Google Play.

0. Export a Native APK file for Android

If you haven't already, read our guide on exporting your app for Android.

1. Creating a Google Play App

1.1. Log into Google Developer Console from your browser

1.2. Click Create Application

1.3. Select default language and enter title for your app, then click Create

2. Create Your Store Listing

2.1. Click Store listing in the left-side menu

2.2. Fill out Product details form

2.3. Scroll down to the Graphic Assets section, upload screenshots of your app, choose an app icon, feature graphic for your app.

2.4. Select the Application type and Category in the Categorization section, then enter your email in the Contact details section

2.5. Scroll down to the Privacy Policy section and provide a URL for the privacy policy of the App.

Your options to host your Privacy Policy for free are:

Privacy Policy templates:

2.6. Scroll up and click Save Draft

3. Upload APK file

3.1. Click App releases in the left-side menu

3.2. Click Manage Production

3.3. Click Create Release

3.4. Click OPT-OUT

3.5. Click Upload APK

3.6. Scroll down and enter the Release notes and click Save

4. Create Content Rating

4.1. Click Content rating in the left-side menu and then click Continue

4.2. Enter your email

4.3. Select your app category

4.4. Complete the questionnaire

4.5. Click Save questionnaire and then click Calculate Rating

4.6. Click Apply Rating

5. Pricing & distribution

5.1. Click Pricing & distribution in the left-side menu

5.2. Select Paid or Free

5.3. Scroll down and select countries

5.4. Select Yes or No in the Contains ads section

5.5. Enable Content guidelines and US export laws

5.6. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save Draft

6. Publish

6.1. Click App releases in the left-side menu

6.2. Click Edit Release in the Production section

6.3. Scroll down and click Review

6.4. Click Start rollout to production

6.5. You'll see "Pending publication" label

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