Google Sheets

Google Sheets is widely used for collaborating on spreadsheets across geographical locations. Multiple users can modify a Google Sheets document in real time.

If you have a simple application that doesn’t require complex back end development, you can use a Google spreadsheet to store your data. You can easily read and record data to the spreadsheet directly from the app or through a browser, and each change is immediately reflected in your app.

  1. In the Database inspector, click Create, and select Google Sheets

2. Copy your spreadsheet’s URL and click ‘Download’

3. If this is your first time doing this, you will need to log in and allow Flipabit to make changes to your tables.

4. Select one or more tabs to import.

5. Specify a column name with an identifier. An identifier is a unique row value. Numeric identifiers are the easiest option. The identifier is required for making changes or deleting rows. When adding a new row, Flipabit automatically calculates the identifier based on the auto increment.

6. To verify the imported data, go into the Database inspector, select the table, and click ‘Edit Data’.

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